Roden + Ann Audio Video Presentation

Roden and Ann, referred to Lights and Shadows, will always have a very special place in our hearts.  Why?  Well, all of our clients are special to us, but as they say, the first will always have that lasting impression.  Yes, Roden and Ann was the first couple LnS (Lights and Shadows) have covered as one group.  Not just that - from prenup to reception, the coverage was filled with some interesting and funny moments.  We have enjoyed shooting Den and Ann with their two lovely children too :) Please enjoy their AVPs

This was the photo slideshow the couple used during their reception entrance.

...and this video of their prenup was made by Marvin (team LnS) for the couple. Enjoy :)

Hello and Welcome :)

Welcome to the blog site of Lights and Shadows - a photography team with Edu Alawi, Loi Chin, Bryan Hao, Marvin Javier, and Jet Sy as the core group/founders.  They are friends and hobbyists that are fond of shooting fashion and portraiture.  Edu and Loi were shooting events, especially children's parties, since 2009, while Bryan, Marvin, and Jet began to shoot prenups or engagement sessions on the same year.  After a lot of concept and fashion shoots (samples can be viewed at , published works and covered events are also in the said site) and the growing demands from friends, relatives, and referrals, they have decided to 'volt in' their talents and shoot under the name of Lights and Shadows.

Lights and Shadows concentrates on Weddings, Engagement Sessions, Children's parties, Debuts, Fashion and Portraiture, and Food photography.  The team is not boxed with one style as they adapt to what suits their clients, but this is for sure - Magical moments captured, it is the client's time to shine, the team just freezes the magical moments through their lens.

Well, I usually do not write alot because we let our photos show you the words hehehe. So, please enjoy our visual treat and if you want to celebrate with us your milestones, then please drop us a message - mobile: 0923.634.5702 / email: