Happy Holidays :)

2 hours before Christmas we decided to drive around Davao and celebrate our Christmas eve on the road. We made a few stops and saw alot of people celebrating their Christmas in a simple but happy way... this made our Christmas happier. ...from all of us in the Lights and Shadows family - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)

**Watch in HD on Vimeo**


This is just supposed to be a practice using our Monopod and PAnhead but we've decided to have fun anyway. :)  LnS loves photography and when we play we go right back to basics, we use film and mostly Lomography.  There is this sincerity in using film and an inexplicable excitement seeing it printed.  You can't view and delete right away, so it is a good practice for our skills, too, while having fun.  Anyhoo, this short video features our toys, Enjoy! :)

Blinque & Us

One of my childhood dreams was to own a Volkswagen Beetle.  I have always admired the way it looks, it sounds, and it smells (yes, that slight smell of mixed gasoline, oil, and grease hehehehe).  That dream came true weeks ago when we got the newest addition to the Lights and Shadows Family - Please welcome my 1967 VW Brazil Bug, BLINQUE (Our Project Car waiting to be restored in a couple of years). :)  

...of course we had to test drive and test shoot the bug! :) :) :)

Taking Blinque for a spin :)

Loi & Her Daily Ride to Office :) 

Yes, She had to climb up the tree... hehehehe.

Me & Blinque :)

Aiden's Video

Aiden turns 1! :)

Nothing's more refreshing to Lights & Shadows Team than to cover a Kiddie Party (our roots).  Thus, we were very happy that we are entrusted to cover this cute little boy's (Aiden) 1st Birthday Celebration. Also, what makes this more special is it's Eloisa's (the only lady of Team LnS) first full photo-coverage! (Super Job!!!)

...Some of Aiden's Super Birthday! :)

Aiden, may your parents's wish for you come true! :)