Mau & Volt: The Prenup (Video)

*sorry for the low resolution... internet connection is bad so i had to resize... but still, enjoy this cute couple's prenup session*

Mark & Reya: The Wedding Day

A Wacky Groom, A Lovely Bride, and a Love Bug's Bite... what could go wrong? :)  Mark & Reya, may your love for each other never fade :)

Reya & Mark's Engagement Session

"Love is in the Air" so to speak for this couple. It was a fun and rewarding experience to witness this couple's love unfold for each other. Hope you enjoy the photos :)

John Lloyd & Dimple: Belle Journée

He's leaving, She's staying, but nothing can keep them apart.  This session is not a prenup but a celebration of Love :) Enjoy Lloyd and Dimple's photosession with Lights & Shadows (Edu & Cj) :) ...and oh, she's gonna be with him soon, too. :) Oh, it was a Beautiful Day :)