Gelai's 7th! AVP

Gelai's AVP (photos and video clips)... We apologize for the poor video quality & poor color turn-out because of internet connection limitation, we had to upload the minimum file. But nonetheless, enjoy Gelai's moments :)

Happy 7th Birthday Gelai! :)

Gelai (Razelle), the pretty little lass celebrated her 7th Birthday at McDonald's Abreeza.  Lights & Shadows celebrated this special occasion with her.  Happy Birthday, Gelai! :)

Here are some of her celebration photos. :)

The Mana'o Company - Roots Rockin

Went to visit, once again, my 'get-away-paradise' and learned more about L1fe rather than surfing. :)

1.) RESPECT DIFFERENCES. We went to a place in Mati to play with the Amihan boys and some foreigners... it was a lokal-muslim area and there I really appreciated the phrase "RESPECT THE LOCALS"... we had to adjust to some local & religion customs (no skimpy shorts and bikinis for the wahine, and guys had to wear shirts & rushguards). I really appreciate the experience and made me realize that we can enjoy more things if we learn how to RESPECT, generally. No ulterior motives, Not-about-the-money nor status in life, No-Animosity, No-nonsense... JUST PLAIN FUN.

2.) APPRECIATE LITTLE THINGS. Most often we neglect the simplest things in life. The 'bubwits' (this is what I call those little skimboarders & surfers of Team Amihan) were the ones I had more conversations with while we were floating around to wait for some decent waves (it's still not wave season). I've learned how they really appreciate what they have - 1.) beautiful place (they told me how they didn't love the dirty beach they've gone to compete at during the Tuna Fest in Sarangani, and really appreciated their coast in Dahican, and that gave them more zest to clean up every morning), 3.) simple living (one bubwit told me his experience living in Davao city for 1 year and he didn't like what he saw - rugby boys, hustle and bustle city life, etc.) , 4.) a-skim-surf-camp that teaches them discipline to keep them away from earthly vices... and many more... I just enjoyed their stories about the surf around and their experiences. :)

3.) LIVING IN THE PRESENT. Enjoy much what life has to offer now. Considering I am already 30 years old, my experience had taught me how valuable each day is. Enjoy and make the best out of everything, that's the only way to appreciate what you have or what's left in your life. :)

Mana'o Company - Spread A Little Aloha

One of my Feel-Good songs... :) A L O H A, a little aloha in our day... spread a little aloha around the world. :)

Long Weekend Getaway (Aug.28)

Eeh Loiss & I were just aiming to unwind, sleep, and bum around the beach but instead we got good small waves, a boat trip, and met new faces... :) thanks to Kuya Jun George Plaza & Amihan Sa Dahican for the great time!

we were just aiming to unwind, sleep, and bum around the beach but instead we got good small waves, a boat trip, and met new faces... :)