Karen & Nick's Wonderland

Karen & Nick wanted a different Pre-Wedding session... an inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. Well, who couldn't say no to such a thrilling pre-wedding "Fantasy" film? I hope we've done justice to Lewis Carroll's masterpiece. Have fun! :)

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Karen & Nick's Pre-Wedding: Wonderland from Lights & Shadows on Vimeo.

Jen & Norvin's Pre-Wedding Film

For Him, no time, nor distance is unsurpassable. No heights nor depths can hinder. Waiting was the Best thing He did. For Her, It was worth the Chance. When everything seems Falling Apart... the Right One was there... All Along.

Jen & Norvin has been waiting for 2 decades for the Right One, never knowing that s/he was there all along.

Jen & Norvin's Pre-Wedding Film from Loi Chin on Vimeo.

Val & Tepi: Wedding SDE

The 7th of December 2012 was a beautiful day for the Beautiful Couple (Val & Tepi) to be united with their loved ones and friends as their witness. Being there to capture it is a wonderful treat for us. May you be touched by the simple beauty of this day.

Val & Tepi: Wedding SDE (Same Day Edit) Video from Lights & Shadows on Vimeo.

Val & Tepi: Pre-Wedding

There are things that are beyond our control despite the measures that we take. For Val and Tepi, wonderful hand of fate and destiny seemed to have been working to bring them together and closer to each other despite the circumstances. Their story is a testament that love will find you no matter what.

-Lights & Shadows-

Videos: vimeo.com/channels/lightsandshadows
Blog: lightshadowsfoto.blogspot.com/

Val & Tepi: Pre-Wedding Video from Lights & Shadows on Vimeo.

Val & Tepi: Save-The-Date

"Things happen for a reason
Not by some off-hand chance
Action & Reaction, Fate & Destiny
Are part of One Beautiful Plan.
There are Moments in our lives that define us.
When You Feel it, Pursue it, Never Let It Go.
Love it does not doubt, It cannot be denied.
When It Calls, You Heed." 
- Loi of Lights & Shadows Davao
This is the e-vite/save-the-date and Reception Ceremony Intro of Val & Tepi.

Val + Tepi: Save The Date from Lights & Shadows on Vimeo.

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