K♥K: Coming Soon

This is the short Save-the-Date Video, or teaser if you may, of this very cute couple - Karen and Kim. The team cannot wait to release the full version of their pre-wedding video but until then, enjoy and be sure to mark your calendar. :)

Photography by: Richard [A]mora

Jammin' with MyxTrack

MyxTrack is a Davao-based Band who wants to make it big. What better way to breakthrough in the music scene than singing a beautiful Visayan song, Wa Nay Lain, composed by Mr.Lino Cajegas... and with a kick of RnB at that.

MyxTrack started a project with Lights & Shadows and wanted a rough trailer/teaser, if you may, of the band. This is a mini-project for both the Band and LnS. The full MV will be up in a few months, but until then, please enjoy this one.

and some of their photos...

A Date with Istoy

It's always a high for Lights & Shadows to capture magical moments, so when commissioned to film something like this, our answer was YES in a heartbeat.

Istoi, 2 years old, is growing fast and Papa Bryan wants to freeze time and enjoy his very cute angel at the moment. Work keeps Bryan away from Istoi 6 days a week and he wants to spend more quality time with him. So, he decided to take Istoi out on a Father & Son date. Istoi had a way to melt, not only his father's heart but ours as well. Enjoy their moments together… :)

Music: Live your life by Drew Barefoot

Roselle's 18th Birthday Trailer

It's always nice to witness and be part of birthday celebrations, and this was extra nice because we were able to witness a girl being welcomed to the world of young adulthood. Roselle's Debut party was a treat for everyone - The party, the food, the guests, and the speeches were great! Watch what her Daddy had to say... :)

This Debut was not only Roselle's but ours (Lights & Shadows) as well. Hooray! ;)

The Nazareno Clan Photoshoot

What a way to end the year 2011! :) We are so much thankful to the Nazareno Clan as they not only welcomed us warmly but also brushed off their positivity and energy to us!