Nadine & Friends: A Pre-Prom Shoot

It has been EONS ago since we at Lights & Shadows had our last prom, so when we were commissioned by these 6 kids to take their preprom photos, we instantly said YES.  

Kim ♥ Karen: The Wedding // SDE

We must admit that making this SDE was extra special... To start with, we had to head to the venue as early as 1:30am and braved thru the heavy rain. Early morning weddings are fast and time passes by before u know it. All efforts and lack of sleep have paid off when we saw Karen quite energetic early in the morning and Kim still as bubbly as ever.
Then, all our energy was revived when we saw Kim's reaction as Karen walked on the aisle. That reminded us once again the reason why we do what we do.
To Kim & Karen, kudos and you may have the best years of your lives together.
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Photography by: [A]Photography (
**Song - Already In: Jon Mclaughlin**

Kim ♥ Karen // Pre-Wedding (LV)

Finally up! :)
Everyday Proposal & Different kinds of Biscuits. :) Watch the full version of Kim & Karen and find out their cute love story. :)
Enjoy! :)