The Norm

I once saw a lamp on an empty wall in an empty hall... drew it and titled it "The Lonely Lamp".
A man saw my work and laughed and said "it is not lonely, it's just a lamp on a wall."

Once there was a child excited to draw a flower in class.  When he started drawing his flower
the teacher said "you are not doing it right!  A flower has five petals, a circle in the middle, a stem down
with a leaf in the middle!"

From then on the child stopped drawing and began following.

I still see that lamp on the wall... It still is lonely.


Kix & Kae

It's a double celebration as Kix celebrates his 2nd birthday and Kae is welcomed into the world of Christianity. Lights & Shadows had alot of fun recording these cute children's celebration.

Mayenne || Vexed

-- Bombarded with life's wrath, how much can one take? --

Mayenne Tan - Geroy

Video By: Lights & Shadows
Photos By: Lights & Shadows (Loi & Edu)

Video: VEXED 
(for HD, please watch on Vimeo)

Bombarded with life's wrath, how much can one take?

[ most photos are from CJ's "Why" Flick (Coming Soon) ]