An Afternoon with Sofia

It was a treat to shoot Sofie despite the summer blazes as her bubbly personality beat the heat of the summer sun.  :) This is my second film and I enjoyed so much doing it! To my dearest Sofie, I hope I was able to capture the wonderful child in you. Keep shining always :)

Lights & Shadows Davao

Sharlyn & Harold // Pre-Wedding

The heavy rain that afternoon didn't stop Sharlyn and Harold's promises and love for each other... as a matter of fact it was a blessing in disguise as it made the film more sincere, heart-fellt, and magical. :)

To Sharlyn and Harold, may you continue fulfilling the promises you made to each other, every single day. :)

Lights & Shadows Davao

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Zee ♥ Choi: The Wedding Day

We've met Zee & Choi and now let's enjoy their Wedding day. One word to describe that day... EMOTIONAL. We were just so happy and at the same time amazed with what we are seeing and recording - love, sincerity, excitement, anxiety, tears, laughter, joy... We couldn't imagine that day how to fit all of these as moment by moment we are bombarded with these moments and stories... from all around, from everywhere.

Zee & Choi and their family not only commissioned us to capture their story, but they have welcomed us like friends in their Celebration. Again, this couple showed us back to the essence of this craft. We are forever thankful for that. :) :) :)

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Meet Zee & Choi // PreWedding

"It's an indescribable feeling. No words will ever be enough to define it. It is a feeling of belongingness, security, contentment, and bliss, all rolled into one." - Zee

Nothing can describe their love story better than Zee. Needless to say, this couple has been our favorite. They showed us back to why we are doing what we are doing.

Can't wait to show you how wonderful they were in their wedding day, but until then enjoy this very sincere and heartfelt prewedding film they had. Meet Zee & Choi :)

Lights & Shadows ;)

Andrey Turns 1 :)

The first child of the PartyHolics (our favorite children's party organizer) couple, Langga & Abet - Andrey, had his first birthday! :)  It was wet and wild as the kids enjoyed their pool party and a magic show in the evening :)  Enjoy some of Andrey's moments :)