Roben + Hazel // Thank You for coming in at the Very Right Time

This is one of the most challenging coverages we've had... one man down from our crew, super low-light venues, extra light busted, plus a 40 degree celsius-like weather, name it... BUT HAZEL'S SMILE Saved the day. Her radiant smile and bubbly personality took all the odds away and replaced it with joy, fun, and relief... add her family's energy to that, and everything went really great!

To Roben and Hazel, continue being the light on each other's dark times. :)

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Sharlyn + Harold // Wedding SDE

We can't help but encapsulate their love story in a poem, written by the only lady in our team...

"The hands of time could not undo
What Destiny and Fate has set unto
Our Hearts & Souls entwined
A Lifetime of Smiles, We'll Find"

What more can we say, this is their love story solidified in their beautiful wedding :)

To Harold & Sharlyn, may you continue to be Each Other's Music :)

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Ejay + Aimee // The Wedding SDE

This couple is a wonder to watch and to be with. During their special day, their energy was highly infectious you could almost feel it in the air. It is an understatement to say that their love for each other emanates from them, because truth be told it enfolds everyone around them. It is such joy for us to have been part of this joyous occasion in their life. As you watch this, may you also share with the wonderment that we have felt during that day.

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Ejay + Aimee

Cute & Romantic... we're not just talking about the video, but we're referring to Ejay & Aimee as well. :) Find out how Ejay got his first date with Aimee, and what has Aimee got to say regarding Ejay. Their simple yet beautiful prenup was equally fun to make and fun to watch.

To Aimee and Ejay, may you continue to be a pleasant surprise for each other.

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