Pages: An Introspection

7 Billion people in the world, we are just a mere speck in that multitude.
Often, we find ourselves in an ocean of strangers.
Side by side people who are just transient and passing.

Have you looked closely?
You might be surprised by things you could learn.
That you and I are not so different after all.
That your story is a tale mine can finish.

Never knowing that His Story, Her Story, Your Story, is Our Story as well.
That how she'd led her life,
How he'd spent his days,
Is our every waking moment.

There would be those many days with wallowing pain and decrepit surrender,
But as beastly as they may seem, they are still ours...
and that makes everyday a heroic tale of victory and triumph.

These Stories and Tales shape our individual worlds.
Stories that are worth Telling and Should Be Heard.

Lights and Shadows Davao

Omar & Zusette's Wedding Photos

Weddings are once in a lifetime moments for the couple AND those dear to them. For Omar & Zusette, their wedding is also a celebration of stronger bonds with friends, more affirmed connections with family members: those who flew far away distances just to share the occasion with them, and those who phoned in just to share a joyous celebration.