The Boys of Batch '68

Bring back the good ol' times, as they say. Looking back,it was the time of the Swinging Sixties when it all started. Stella Maris Academy of Davao gave birth to the first batch of graduates, with Mr. Joseph Chua Kao, Mr. Rodrigo Sy, Dr. Philip Lim, Architect Omar Payumo, and Mr. Samuel Lu, as the only five male graduates of the brood '68. 

Coming home to the institution that nurtured them, they pay tribute to their alma matter, calling on the rhythm and jive of the Beatles to their side.

It was 60 years ago when the first batch of graduates emerged from Stella Maris Academy of Davao.

C&E Publishing's Christmas Party

CEP's SouthMin&BOD Xmas Party from Lights & Shadows Davao on Vimeo.

 What is the meaning of Christmas? Different for all of us. But, one thing is for sure, it is the one time in the year that envelopes everyone in a cheerful and happy mode, it gets infectious at times. The year 2013 has been full of surprises with every twist and twirl for C & E Publishing, Inc's SouthMin Sales Group and Operations Department. And as our elders have said, count your blessing and discard the misfortunes (well, something along that line, hehe). This year, CEP's SMD SouthMin and BOD has put together a Christmas party not only for the employees but for their families as well, as a show of gratitude and appreciation for the blessing that was year 2013. The merriment has been abundant, laughter and giggling is just around at every corner, and everyone left with a feverish holiday cheer in their bones.

Mary Ellen Chase has said, “Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.” A hopeful wish and reminder that the beautiful feeling Christmas leaves us with, can flourish through next year, if only we'd let it be.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Cheers!

Lights & Shadows Davao || Thank You Video {2013 Showreel}

Lights & Shadows Davao 2013 showreel from Lights & Shadows Davao on Vimeo.

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Lights & Shadows Davao || Thank You Video {2013 Showreel}
To our Beloved Clients who gave us their 101% Trust and Confidence, to our fellow Vendors/Suppliers who we've worked with, and to our Friends who stuck with us through thick and thin, This Is For You! Maraming maraming maraming Salamat Po!
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