Troves 2014 Year Ender


In TROVES, We do not remember days, we remember moments.
It is also our form of appreciation and gratitude to those who had trusted us with their life’s precious moments and milestones.
We would forever be truly honored to those who had given us the tribute of being their STORY tellers.
And as we fold the chapter that was 2014 in our treasure box of memories, our TROVES, we welcome 2015 with an open invitation to another year of excitement and adventure. Cheers!

Celebrating 18 Years with Nikki

Celebrating 18 Years with Nikki
{Pre-Birthday Video}

We are Who and What we ARE because of our Family and Friends.
This is Nikki's Celebration of 18 years through the eyes of those who love her dearly and knew her closely: Her Family & Friends.

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Globe Mindanao CXO Night

As a way of Thanking their loyal Corporate Subscribers, Globe Mindanao held a thanksgiving Dinner - Roman Style.


Life is a Wonder.
And we are privileged to witness how it unfolds.
This is the Story of Cherryl & Jeno
and How their family is unraveling,
with the addition of a little bundle of joy, Soon.

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Aina & Brix: Wedding Reel

It's been a long journey for Aina and Brix.
Trials and challenges were part of their process and they've triumphed.
November 8th, 2014 marks a special day for these two simply charming couple.
It's a Coming Together of Two Families,
A reunion of Friends and Loved Ones and
A celebration of Love, Laughter and Good Cheer.
Congrats, Mr & Mrs Bartolome!

Troves by LS Davao
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Jean's Birthday Highlights


Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind;
it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees;
it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions;
it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.
-Samuel Ullman-
For those who knew Jean, she will forever and always be Young.

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Chin @ 18: A Bollywood-Inspired Party

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China Turns 18, and it's a Party... Bollywood Style! 
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Lorenzo & Leah: Engagement Session (Photos)

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Lorenzo & Leah: Wedding (Onsite Video)

" When Two Hearts are Meant for Each Other
No Distance is Too Far, No Time is Too Long
And No Other Love can Break them Apart"
It's finally official for Leah & Lorenzo.
August 15th, 2014 will forever be a special day for both of them
as they celebrate the bond that binds them forever as husband and wife.

Chin's 18th Birthday (onsite video)

Coming of Age doesn't mean shedding of Innocence,
but a welcoming of Maturity and better Understanding of Life.
This is Chin Sultan's 18th Birthday On Site Video

Col.Frank Yap @ 80!

 Being Regal at 80 is a milestone worth celebrating. For Col. Frank Yap and his loved ones it’s a wonderful gift. A decorated military man, a doting and warm father and grandfather, A reliable comrade and an all-time fun loving person, Col Frank is truly blessed. On July 27th, Family, Friends and Loved Ones have gathered in one joyous occasion to share with the joy and life of Living Life to the Fullest. Salute! And Happy Birthday, Col Frank Yap..

Noel & Gerri's Wedding {Photos}

Elegant & Simply Beautiful.  These are the words that would best describe Noel & Gerri's Wedding.

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BLD Singles: Something to Thank For {Video}


“Family isn't whose BLOOD you carry, it's who you LOVE and who LOVES you.” J.Chan
"There's so many wars we fought
There's so many things we're not
But with what we have, I promise you that
We're marchin on"

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Wedding Reel: Noel & Gerri


This is what happens when an Amazing Couple is joined by Close Friends and Wonderful Family in a Resort all to themselves on their Wedding Day. Party!!! 



As we move to  a more Personal takes on YOUR story, we’d like to share:  
(click to keep updated with new reels)
Our sight on the event’s highlights as seen in a different perspective.
It’s homely, congenial, and intimate.


First up...

REEL: Popong & Sherryl's Wedding

Unno & Cham: The Wedding {Photos}

This is Dr Charm and Dr.Unno's Wedding, Day: a much awaited event. A union of families, a gathering of friends. And a celebration of love.

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Kevin & Angel: A Proposal Video

Kevin & Angel - A Proposal Video from TROVES by LS Davao on Vimeo.

Kevin has a plan. This is his Design.
1.The blossoms of my heart abound
2. Screaming from the rooftop around
3. Skipping and jumping a foot
4. All these things in my heart resound
5. No questions but only answers I hear
6. To how much I love you
7. At the end of the world would I go
8. To see your face in a mirror
9. Or to hold your hand once again
10. Give it to you, my all, that I have
11. Be it that you are more lovely
12. I could not stand it at all in my heart
13. As I have given you my all
14. know that I will always give it to thee
15. My heart races when you are beneath my wings
16. A warmth from your beating heart
17. Consumes my body with warmth and glow
18. A skip to the next heart beat
19. I shudder at the thought without you
20. Now as the roses of my loves affection are passed
21. Your beauty surpasses them all
22. Even your thorns are bristled with jasmine
23. My love for you will continue to grow and grow
24. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Kevin Call"
Video by: Troves by LS Davao

A New Chapter: TROVES by LS Davao

Hello friends of Lights and Shadows-Davao

We are turning on a new page.
We've given a lot of thinking about this and we're happy to share it with you.
We're moving forward.
Let us share with you a little story.
The past six years had been nothing but wonderful for Lights and Shadows-Davao. We had great many memories to treasure and cherish.
We are Lights and Shadows-Davao and the privilege of the name is unselfishly shared with us.  And we are truly grateful for allowing us to carry the same name in what we do. We've been given consent for us to publicly use Lights and Shadows-Davao.
HOwever, at this point we feel that it is time reciprocate the generosity we were given. We are giving full credit to the rightful owner of the name Lights and Shadows as we turn a new chapter for Lights and Shadows-Davao.
Friends, we would like to introduce to you: TROVES by LS Davao. This is a departure from Lights and Shadows-Davao and a welcome to a new phase. Hey! Do not fret because we are still the same guys you've been with. We believe that we owed it to you; You, who have unconditionally entrusted your most important milestones to us, to continually re-invent ourselves and to become better in what we do. We wouldn't be who we are nor what we are if it weren't for the great experience spent with you and the confidence you gave us. THANK YOU. As we embark on this new trip, we are positive that you will also welcome with the same trust, confidence and love, with what we would be known as: TROVES by LS Davao.

We have prepared a short video for you,so that we may share with you our epiphany.

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A New Chapter: TROVES by LS Davao from TROVES by LS Davao 2 on Vimeo.

Popong & Sherryl: The Wedding Day {SDE}

For Popong & Sherryl, nothing is more special and wonderful than this day.
Friends giving well wishes to the couple,
Their Family in full support of this new chapter in their lives.
Even Mother Nature has favored them well with beautiful sky scape and auspicious weather.
For Sherryl, this truly is a day fit for royalty, as she dressed in a Princess like gown,
the Dashing groom: Popong is looking spectacular as well in his well manicured suit.
Everybody is in their best, everybody in high spirits as they welcome the newlyweds to the blissful and colorful married life.
Cheers! Popong & Sherryl

Popong & Sherryl: Love Story [Prenup Video}

Sherryl had dreamed of One True Love, and Truly, Popong had embodied everything she had dreamed of: God fearing, responsible and with funny on the side.
For Popong, he knew the first time they met that she was The One, and like any true gentleman, he had proved himself worthy of her love.
As they said , the rest was history, and surely, this two beautiful couple will make a lot of more wonderful memories together.

Rommi's Celebration of 50

|| High Definition at ||

50 has never looked this Good.
Rommi's celebration of 50 is a night to remember. 
 Family & Friends who has helped shaped WHO and WHAT HE IS were all present.
Rommi has no regrets, no doubts and has followed a simple principle: 
As with the song's lyrics: "I did it all" and so did Rommi and rode life with all the pain and gain.
Today, he emerges as the hero to his children, best friend to his wife, a pillar to his siblings and everybody's funny, feel-good guy.

Noel & Gerri's Wedding

|| Watch in High Definition at ||

Today, is one of those moments
When life unfolds its greatest manifestations,
That True Love prevails and is unchanging,
That it can withstand the Test of Time and Tides.
Love is INDEED Sweeter the Second Time Around.
For Gerri and Noel, this much is true.
At one point in their lives, their ways have met but fate lead them to different paths.
It seems that indeed destiny has a great plan for them,
Because at a precise moment, they've re-entered each others lives
To continue the course of events, laid out for them.

Black Label {Family & Solo}

Shooting 13 Sessions of Family & Solo Portraits in 2 days was Not a Walk in the Park... 
but the Sincere Smiles, Laughter, Joy, and Beautiful Candids from these Awesome People 
Made it All Worth While!

Boy @ 60

Celebrating 60 years is a great milestone. 

Tito Boy's birthday celebration is something to remember because ALL of his friends and loved ones gathered without his knowledge to give him a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY. 

It was a night of gratitude for Tito Boy's influence in the lives of the many people he touched and inspired. Truly, we count not the number of people we call friends, but the number of people who call us a FRIEND.

To Tito Boy, may he be blessed with more wonderful years. 


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Save The Date: Sherryl & Popong

Love is an Untamed Force
it Cannot be Controlled,
Do not Imprison it,
Deciphering is Futile.
Surrender to it,
Without Second Thoughts.
It's the Possibility of Having a Dream
Come True that makes Life
Worth Living.
The Universe Only Makes Sense
When we Have Someone to Love
-quotes from Paulo Coelho-

BLD: Son of God Screening

In Time for the Lenten Season; The BLD Singles Ministry special screening of the movie Son of God.  A Sunday get together with family and friends, forging stronger relationships and creating fond memories.

Mike & Jomz: Wedding {Photos}

It was a fun-filled day as Mike & Jomz tied the knot.  Surrounded by their loved ones - friends, and families, Mike & Jomz totally had a blast from their preparation to their wedding reception.

BLACK LABEL {Family Edition}

Black & White (Monchoromes) hold such power over us, we can't resist having a dedicated portfolio for this. Because we love Monochromes through and through, we are sharing our exclusive Black & White portraits Family Edition.

 Mommy Ervie with son Mischa Zachary 

Deanna Turns 5!

Deanna Ereen turns 5 and it's a party!  Surrounded by her family and friends, Deanna had a blast playing, dancing, singing, and watching the magic show! :)

BLD Singles Ministry Davao - Retreat & Teambuilding

It's a great Sunday for everyone. A wonderful day filled with the Lord's Grace and Beauty. For the BLD Single's Ministry of Davao, its a conversation with one's inner self, a happy celebration with fellow Singles, a thanksgiving for the memories, companionship and guidance. Under the caring and nurturing watch of the dynamic duo; Dr. Ann and Dr. Glen Llamera, these individuals has blossomed from once shy and timid to now confident and active young men and women. The fun never ceased because from Sun Up until Sun Down, the Singles were buzzing with all kinds of activities: A race for the most mouthwatering breakfast set up, trying to count multitude of rice grains, a trek for the Photo Challenge and the culminating test of Teamwork. It's really MORE FUN with the SINGLES MINISTRY-DAVAO.

John Mark & Joy's Escape to Paradise

This is Joy & John Mark's Escape to Paradise (a PreNup Video). A getaway from the humdrum of the city lights and buzz. An afternoon with each other.

John Mark & Joy: Wedding (SDE)

This day is extra special for Joy & John Mark because today is the fulfillment of promises to each other and the start of the happily ever after. Joy & John Mark has been each others confidant and beacon of strength and hope. Their destiny it seemed has been written in the stars because they're lives has long been intertwined with each other.
Today, they come together not only as husband and wife but as one family as well.

Lights & Shadows Davao

Magic 89.1: Boys Night Out

Davao Celebrated the Chinese New Year with the Bad Boys of Philippine Radio: Magic 89.1's Boys Night Out (Sam YG, Toni Tony, and Slick Rick).  It was one helluva party!

The Sponsors and Organizers

Mayor Mores & the Pikit, North Cotabato LGU

Hon. Muhyryn D. Sultan-Casi, the Municipal Mayor of Pikit, North Cotabato, together with her Department Heads & Counselors, gathered together for a Photo Session for their Calendars and Group Photos.  Little did we expect that it would be such a blast as they gamely posed for the camera thus leading to a great afternoon, filled with laughter and fun! :)

A Singapore Wedding: Donny & Joyce

Family, Traditions, Friendship, & Fun.  These words best describe the Simple but Heart-warming Singaporean wedding of Donny & Joyce.
|| have you seen their wedding video & love story ? ||

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Vadim & Joy: Pre-Wedding Photos

 It was a sunny day, perfect for a get away. And this was exactly what Joy & Vadim did, escape in paradise. The fuss of the city lights and buzz has been a long forgotten thought. It was a day filled with basking in the sun and leisurely strolls in the beach. The two lovebirds has been playful in an appealing and amusing, almost in a childlike way; carefree and loving it. The day was indeed whimsical, almost dreamy afternoon, which had been superb in every way for Joy & Vadim.

Vad & Joy: The Wedding (Same Day Edit Video)

Vadim & Joy: An OnSite Wedding Video from Lights & Shadows Davao on Vimeo.

February 9th, 2014

There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead, threatening to pour down any minute, but it seems that Joy and Vad were favored by the weather because the rain didn't happen, giving the wonderful couple a garden wedding overlooking the cityscape of Davao City a day to remember.
Close friends and family bore witness to the day's event. Vad's parents flew all the way from Russia to witness an only son's wedding day. Best friend of more than 20 years and the best man, came from Shanghai to cheer the beautiful couple.

May we never forget what is worth remembering.

Photography & Videography by: Lights and Shadows-Davao
Master of Ceremonies: Don Gonzales
Decorations & Coordination: Dreams Creations
@Eden Nature Park

Mike & Jomz: Pre-Wedding Photos

For Jomz & Mike, being separated by distance and time is no hindrance to their love at all. Despite these challenges, they remained closer to each other than ever before. To say that love endures is an understatement for Jomz & Mike, because they’ve more than proven this age old saying.