Chandler Stephen's Baptism & 1st Birthday

Chandler Stephen's Baptism & 1st Birthday from Lights & Shadows Davao on Vimeo.

January 25 marks a special day for the Yap family. It's a double celebration as family and friends come together to be part of a joyous gathering for Chandler's baptism and 1st birthday celebration. To say that Chandler is excited is an understatement as he takes delight in an assortment of wonderful color, sights, sounds, and fun. It's indeed a whole new world for Chandler as he is welcomed into the Christian world and the mark of a momentous milestone with a lot of 1st in an Alladin inspired party.

Koen Turns 2!

Zoen Kane's 2nd Birthday celebration goes off with a bang.  A Cars themed party with family and friends.  The Holidays couldn't be merrier for Zoen Kane as he enjoy the wonderful puppet show and the many merriment all prepared for his birthday.