Deanna Turns 5!

Deanna Ereen turns 5 and it's a party!  Surrounded by her family and friends, Deanna had a blast playing, dancing, singing, and watching the magic show! :)

BLD Singles Ministry Davao - Retreat & Teambuilding

It's a great Sunday for everyone. A wonderful day filled with the Lord's Grace and Beauty. For the BLD Single's Ministry of Davao, its a conversation with one's inner self, a happy celebration with fellow Singles, a thanksgiving for the memories, companionship and guidance. Under the caring and nurturing watch of the dynamic duo; Dr. Ann and Dr. Glen Llamera, these individuals has blossomed from once shy and timid to now confident and active young men and women. The fun never ceased because from Sun Up until Sun Down, the Singles were buzzing with all kinds of activities: A race for the most mouthwatering breakfast set up, trying to count multitude of rice grains, a trek for the Photo Challenge and the culminating test of Teamwork. It's really MORE FUN with the SINGLES MINISTRY-DAVAO.

John Mark & Joy's Escape to Paradise

This is Joy & John Mark's Escape to Paradise (a PreNup Video). A getaway from the humdrum of the city lights and buzz. An afternoon with each other.

John Mark & Joy: Wedding (SDE)

This day is extra special for Joy & John Mark because today is the fulfillment of promises to each other and the start of the happily ever after. Joy & John Mark has been each others confidant and beacon of strength and hope. Their destiny it seemed has been written in the stars because they're lives has long been intertwined with each other.
Today, they come together not only as husband and wife but as one family as well.

Lights & Shadows Davao

Magic 89.1: Boys Night Out

Davao Celebrated the Chinese New Year with the Bad Boys of Philippine Radio: Magic 89.1's Boys Night Out (Sam YG, Toni Tony, and Slick Rick).  It was one helluva party!

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