Popong & Sherryl: The Wedding Day {SDE}

For Popong & Sherryl, nothing is more special and wonderful than this day.
Friends giving well wishes to the couple,
Their Family in full support of this new chapter in their lives.
Even Mother Nature has favored them well with beautiful sky scape and auspicious weather.
For Sherryl, this truly is a day fit for royalty, as she dressed in a Princess like gown,
the Dashing groom: Popong is looking spectacular as well in his well manicured suit.
Everybody is in their best, everybody in high spirits as they welcome the newlyweds to the blissful and colorful married life.
Cheers! Popong & Sherryl

Popong & Sherryl: Love Story [Prenup Video}

Sherryl had dreamed of One True Love, and Truly, Popong had embodied everything she had dreamed of: God fearing, responsible and with funny on the side.
For Popong, he knew the first time they met that she was The One, and like any true gentleman, he had proved himself worthy of her love.
As they said , the rest was history, and surely, this two beautiful couple will make a lot of more wonderful memories together.

Rommi's Celebration of 50

|| High Definition at https://vimeo.com/94470981 ||

50 has never looked this Good.
Rommi's celebration of 50 is a night to remember. 
 Family & Friends who has helped shaped WHO and WHAT HE IS were all present.
Rommi has no regrets, no doubts and has followed a simple principle: 
As with the song's lyrics: "I did it all" and so did Rommi and rode life with all the pain and gain.
Today, he emerges as the hero to his children, best friend to his wife, a pillar to his siblings and everybody's funny, feel-good guy.


Noel & Gerri's Wedding

|| Watch in High Definition at https://vimeo.com/94144684 ||

Today, is one of those moments
When life unfolds its greatest manifestations,
That True Love prevails and is unchanging,
That it can withstand the Test of Time and Tides.
Love is INDEED Sweeter the Second Time Around.
For Gerri and Noel, this much is true.
At one point in their lives, their ways have met but fate lead them to different paths.
It seems that indeed destiny has a great plan for them,
Because at a precise moment, they've re-entered each others lives
To continue the course of events, laid out for them.