Wedding Reel: Noel & Gerri


This is what happens when an Amazing Couple is joined by Close Friends and Wonderful Family in a Resort all to themselves on their Wedding Day. Party!!! 



As we move to  a more Personal takes on YOUR story, we’d like to share:  
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Our sight on the event’s highlights as seen in a different perspective.
It’s homely, congenial, and intimate.


First up...

REEL: Popong & Sherryl's Wedding

Unno & Cham: The Wedding {Photos}

This is Dr Charm and Dr.Unno's Wedding, Day: a much awaited event. A union of families, a gathering of friends. And a celebration of love.

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Kevin & Angel: A Proposal Video

Kevin & Angel - A Proposal Video from TROVES by LS Davao on Vimeo.

Kevin has a plan. This is his Design.
1.The blossoms of my heart abound
2. Screaming from the rooftop around
3. Skipping and jumping a foot
4. All these things in my heart resound
5. No questions but only answers I hear
6. To how much I love you
7. At the end of the world would I go
8. To see your face in a mirror
9. Or to hold your hand once again
10. Give it to you, my all, that I have
11. Be it that you are more lovely
12. I could not stand it at all in my heart
13. As I have given you my all
14. know that I will always give it to thee
15. My heart races when you are beneath my wings
16. A warmth from your beating heart
17. Consumes my body with warmth and glow
18. A skip to the next heart beat
19. I shudder at the thought without you
20. Now as the roses of my loves affection are passed
21. Your beauty surpasses them all
22. Even your thorns are bristled with jasmine
23. My love for you will continue to grow and grow
24. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
Kevin Call"
Video by: Troves by LS Davao

A New Chapter: TROVES by LS Davao

Hello friends of Lights and Shadows-Davao

We are turning on a new page.
We've given a lot of thinking about this and we're happy to share it with you.
We're moving forward.
Let us share with you a little story.
The past six years had been nothing but wonderful for Lights and Shadows-Davao. We had great many memories to treasure and cherish.
We are Lights and Shadows-Davao and the privilege of the name is unselfishly shared with us.  And we are truly grateful for allowing us to carry the same name in what we do. We've been given consent for us to publicly use Lights and Shadows-Davao.
HOwever, at this point we feel that it is time reciprocate the generosity we were given. We are giving full credit to the rightful owner of the name Lights and Shadows as we turn a new chapter for Lights and Shadows-Davao.
Friends, we would like to introduce to you: TROVES by LS Davao. This is a departure from Lights and Shadows-Davao and a welcome to a new phase. Hey! Do not fret because we are still the same guys you've been with. We believe that we owed it to you; You, who have unconditionally entrusted your most important milestones to us, to continually re-invent ourselves and to become better in what we do. We wouldn't be who we are nor what we are if it weren't for the great experience spent with you and the confidence you gave us. THANK YOU. As we embark on this new trip, we are positive that you will also welcome with the same trust, confidence and love, with what we would be known as: TROVES by LS Davao.

We have prepared a short video for you,so that we may share with you our epiphany.

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A New Chapter: TROVES by LS Davao from TROVES by LS Davao 2 on Vimeo.