Ram & Thetet: The Beginning of Forever {Wedding Video}

The chain of wedlock is so heavy that it takes two to carry it. Ram & Thet carried it with much love and dedication to each other because One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

December 30th 2014


Jave & Hanna: Wedding Trailer

Celebrating one of life's greatest moment with family and friends is truly a wonderful experience.
For Jave & Hanna this much is true as they embark on a new journey of togetherness.
Cheers to the Newly Weds!
27th, December 2014

Desiderata: Honeymoon Travelogue

Sharing to you our Honeymoon Travelogue video... bits and highlights of the best six days ever. This would forever remind us that life is beautiful. Go out and explore. :)
Max Ehrmann beautifully summarized what living is all about with his poem Desiderata.

Clarice Leonette's Christening

For Parents Randolf and Cai, welcoming their angel, Baby Clarice Leonette "Claire" to the Christian World is one highlight of parenthood they wanted to celebrate with Families and Friends.

LGU Pikit Christmas Party 2014

LGU Pikit celebrated 2014’s Holidays with a Blast!
A Grand Disco Party celebrating the Good Year filled with great memories and moments.

Ram & Thetet: To Love and Protect {Pre-Wedding Video}

To Love & Protect, for Ram & Thetet this is their life's ultimate goal as they embark into the wondrous journey of married life.