A Family Get Together: Maquindang-Argallon

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"A Happy Family is but an Earlier Heaven"
-George Bernard Shaw

For Aucliff and Roy spending an afternoon with their two little angels is already a delight, but when people from both their families came to join in with the fun, it's such a wonderful treat!

Marco & Sharlene - The Proposal

It’s a special day for Marco; it’s his birthday!
He’s buzzing around, busy and making preparations – but not for his birthday,
But for a very special lady, that would truly make his birthday Happy.
This is Marco’s design.
Sharlene thought they were just having a simple birthday celebration at the beach.
Some quick snapshots to remember the day with and a fun night with friends.
The night progressed from the joyous merrymaking, right down to the midnight countdown to Marco’s birthday and Marco’s surprise for Sharlene; a bid for her heart and forever.

Marco & Sharlene: Engagement Photos

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It's been a while since we shied off from wedding and engagement sessions, but when we received a call from one of our closest old friend, it was automatic.  In fact, we were so excited that finally he found the one.

This is part of Marco's grand design.  Sharlene thought it was just a photoshoot for remembrance to ease the distance from each other and a prelude to Marco's birthday party later on that night.  Little did she know that this is already their Engagement Photo Session.

To Marco & Sharlene, congratulations.  We are so overjoyed!

Living Room Sessions: Iñigo’s Adventure

“Aye aye Captain!” Iñigo’s adventures takes him to the high seas with a Pirate inspired set to a laid back afternoon bask with a Native American teepee to complete his Living Room Escapades..

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Living Room Sessions: Isabelle's All the Sweet Things

Living Room Sessions: In Western architecture, a living room is a room for relaxing and socializing, it is with this mindset that we’ve hatched the “Living Room Sessions”. A Portraiture or PhotoShoot done in the comfort and leisure of one’s Living Room. It is our goal to set our subject at ease so that a carefree and easy going demeanor would be achieved, thus bringing out one’s relaxed and blithe disposition.

Isabelle is turning 1, and what a way to capture all of this sweet girl’s gurgle of happiness and babbles of laughter than with a sugar themed pre-birthday shoot “All the Sweet Things”.

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An Afternoon with Nathan & Peyton

It is always lovely to see how siblings play and show love for each other.  The cute little Peyton and the charming young man Nathan gave the afternoon a dose of cuteness.
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Playtime with Jaime {Pre-Birthday Shoot}

Jaime Inigo visited the Philippines for a couple of days to celebrate his 2nd Birthday.  Excited and full of energy, Jaime spent the morning playing with us and his new friends - robots and danbo!

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Chaya {Pre Birthday Photos}

The cuddly and angelic baby Chaya of Brazil and Llyod is turning another milestone, she's turning 1! In a rainbow themed party, her pre-birthday portrait shoot is donned with a splash of colors afternoon fun.

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Sorinn's 2nd Birthday {Photos}

It's Winter in August for Sorinn's Frozen themed 2nd Birthday Bash. The little princess was in her elements, trotting about happily in her prettiest Elsa outfit.

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Sol Francis' Baptism {Photos}

Sol Francis' Baptism was marked with good weather, a gathering of loved ones, friends,ninongs and ninangs and an abundance of love and grace.

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