Gaile's 18th

To be lost in your own imagination, a world all your own.
The words pouring out, flowing in fluid motions,
casting a web of all the wonders the naked eye cannot see,
but the heart can comprehend.
This to Gaile, is the lure of the many stories calling to her in her book collection.
As she celebrates her 18th, the doors open to more wonder, beginnings and
a thousand journey to discovery and excitement.

Tea Time with the Pinilis

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It's a wonderful day as the Pinilis took time to spend the day with each other.
Fiona and Andrea are enjoying the treats that comes with the Tea Party and goofing around with each other.
Mommy Anna and Daddy Jerold as romantic as the day they first met, makes the little ones giggle.
Truly, time with your family are moments well spent.

Sisterly Love: Fiona & Andrea

A Sister is the Best Friend you'll ever have.
Fiona and Andrea are as inseparable as air to breathing but each also exhibits their own personality.
It's wonderful to watch how they show care for each other and adore each other.
It's a morning filled with fun,fun and fun :)