2015 Troves Reel - Swan Song

This year has been a collection of that; precious memories transcending into timeless memories-Cherished and Treasured.
This 2015, in the many occasions that were given privilege to be part of, shaped and solidified what Troves aims to be; that in every photo,
it’s Substance over Confinement, Sincerity above Spectacle.
Life has many small but precious wonders which are often taken for granted. It is in this little things that we in Troves thrive. We see these little miracles as the greatest prize there is...
a burst of uninhibited laughter,
the crackling gurgle of happiness,
the glee in togetherness,
Tenderness and Care in an embrace,
the bright sparkle of Love,
the warmth in a Kiss.
These are life’s greatest spectacle; Sincere, Pure, Unconfined.
And this, is what, we at Troves dedicate our passion and craft to.
Life holds a lot of surprises,
Little did we know, fate has one bag of surprise for us too.
As we say Goodbye to the wonderful year that ws 2015,
Troves by LS Davao is also taking a loooong pause,
Destiny is leading us to a different and new adventure and we are taking flight to pursue and discover it.
But, we will be back, with more stories to tell, new memories to share and a better version of ourselves.
This is Troves by LS Davao saying, DAGHANG SALAMAT PO!

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