These are the frequently asked questions from clients and prospects we met who sought our services. So, it might be helpful on your part to browse through this to have an idea what we, Troves by LS Davao, are about.
Q: Where is your studio?
A: Everywhere! The world is our playground :)  Seriously, when we do shoots we prefer to go places because doing it in studios may limit our creativity and the excitement can simmer down. We prefer to meet you, where we can sit down and talk at your most comfortable place and time.

Q: Are you new in the industry? We haven't heard of you yet.
A: Relatively, yes, we started around 2009. We are not a wedding and event factory - meaning we are not the type who covers hundreds of weddings a year. We want to give our best to our clients, thus we invest time during the planning, the execution and post processing. It's always QUALITY over QUANTITY for us :)
Q: What's your style?
A: Thank you for asking! We really appreciate it when clients ask the style we do because we do not want to be tagged as jumping in with the bandwagon. Basically, we love candids. We capture YOUR story, YOUR wedding, and YOUR celebration, like fly-on-the-wall; as if we were not there to make you feel awkward and on your guard. Your event has enough drama that we feel we don't need much intervention to stage the moment. What happens is the moment. But, we sometimes PROMPT just to stimulate things if needed.  This is also why our team is composed of select individuals who also share the style and principle that we have when we cover events. We would like to keep our team in a small number yet efficient and putting your best interest first and foremost.

We have now evolved to be Lifestyle Photographers. Our aim is to capture people, events, moments as it happens, where it happens, when it happens; with little to no intervention from us, because that's Your Story and that's how it unraveled. 

We draw our influences from B&W, Film Photography and Lomography.

Q: So, you do photo and video coverage?
A: For children's party, baptismal and portraiture, Yes.
 For Weddings and Debuts, we have a Third Party Videographer partner who works and collaborates with us. 

Q: I love what I see in the works of other photographers/videographers. Can you do that?
A: No, we can't do that, because that's not us. We would like to think that you came to us because you liked our style and our imagery, not because we can copy somebody else's :) 
Q: Why are you more expensive than others and cheaper than some?
A: Prices... this is a touchy topic... but to answer the question,
I am sure that you would agree with me that QUALITY does not come cheap nor is it exorbitant, it’s REASONABLE. If you scan through the occasions entrusted to us in our gallery you would notice that we do not put our clients in templates. Each photo/video has its own story to tell. Every time we are invited to a celebration of life, union and coming of age, we give forth our 101% best and I am sure that this is evident in the different stories you can see in our gallery. This is QUALITY, and that's what you paid for :)
Q: Do we have to feed you during the event?
A: Yes, please But we can work with crew meals. :)

Q: How many are you during coverage?
A: Our photo and/or Video team consists between two to six cuties :)

Q: How long can we get the output?
A: Not in 5 days, that's for sure, it usually takes us 80-85 days to finish the final output. Why? Because we put in high respect the trust you gave us in capturing your moments. We are meticulous with what we do. Because you paid for a quality service and that is what we want to give you, a quality output, not some haphazardly done and put together photo or video.

Q: Will our professional photographer allow our friends to take pictures?
A: No doubt your friends and family are excited to attend your wedding/debut/birthday and will want to take pictures too. This activity is welcomed. At the same time, you don’t want your guests to block the professional photographer or somehow prevent the photographer from capturing an image/moment. By taking pictures along with the photographer/videogrpaher during the formal-portrait session, a picture-taking guest may cause you or others in the shot to look away from the professional photographer/videographer and toward the camera of a guest. This will slow down the professional picture-taking process considerably. There are also times that a picture taking guest may take up space and block the professional photo/videographer’s direct line of a clean shot especially during the grand entrance(reception) and during the march at the church and several other traditional part of the ceremony and reception and party. As long as your guests do not impact the job of your photo/videographer, then it is OKAY.

Q: Why is natural lighting so important?
A: Natural lighting is a photo/videographer’s best friend. Video/photography involves fast-paced, constantly changing situations. There may not be enough time to set up elaborate artificial lighting in every situation and location. The less time the photo/videographer has to spend setting up lighting, the more time he or she has to shoot your wedding/event/party. Natural light is at its most beautiful and flattering in the couple of hours after sunrise and before sunset, but a great photo/videographer can find nice lighting and create interesting photo/videography at high noon, and yes, even indoors. However, since natural light is a free and available, why not make the most of it.

Q: I liked what I see in your website. The photos and videos are so great. Will I get the same output and quality as well?
A. Let us answer that in two ways.
We take pride in our candid shots, and honestly at any event, these are our best shots. “Candids” are shots of people taken when they least expect it, when they are unguarded and free. We love to take these photos/video clips because it is during these times that people show their best smiles, their truest emotion that reflects the “emotion and feel” of the whole event. So the great images that you see in our website are from these “candids” and yes, we can provide you these, BUT
The second parts of how we take those great shots are not something we can put up entirely. The second parts of the great shots that you see in our website rely heavily on several factors such as, What is happening during the event – great “candids” are dependent on what’s happening in the bride’s room, during the reception, during the church ceremony, during the celebration. This is something we do not have any control of, so if you want to have great candids, do not mind us much, treat us like shadows and continue interacting with your guests and family. Enjoy and savor every moment of your special day, and that will reflect no matter what on the images that you will get.