Our Story

Davao Lifestyle Photographer and Videographer
TROVES by LS Davao


Vision: Your Story
Our Vision is that simple - we want to tell Your Story, as it happens, where it happens, when it happens, how it happens, with little to no intervention from us, because that’s how it unraveled.  Fads will fade but real emotions captured artistically will forever be imprinted.


- Storytelling as the core of each & every image, Still or Moving.
- Substance over Confinement, Sincerity above Spectacle.

- Keep It Sound & Simple

- Pleasant experience for clients

- Tailored... not templated



- Efficiency

- Professionalism

A Slice of Who and What We Are 
from Lights & Shadows Davao to TROVES BY LS DAVAO


This is Us! :)


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